Web Hosting Tutorials

cPanel Tutorials

  1. What is cPanel?
  2. Login to cPanel to manage Web Hosting account
  3. Email Accounts Management
  4. Email Settings in Outlook
  5. Manually Setup Email Account on iPhone / iPad on iOS
  6. Automatically Configure Email Account on iPhone / iPad / MacOS
  7. Webmail Access and More
  8. Disable Default Address (catchall) to block unwanted emails
  9. Email AutoResponder
  10. Email Forwarding
  11. Email Filtering
  12. Mailing Lists Setup and Management
  13. Fighting Spam with SpamAssassin
  14. How to Check Email Delivery
  15. DKIM and SPF Explained – Email Deliverability in cPanel
  16. Modify MX Record in DNS Zone from cPanel
  17. Backup of Web Hosting Account
  18. Using File Manager
  19. Disk Usage in cPanel

Web Hosting Tutorials

  1. What is an FTP Account?
  2. Secure Shell (ssh) on Linux Servers – Beginner’s Guide
  3. Website Hacked – How to secure it?
  4. What is web hosting?
  5. I am unable to reach my server / account / web site?
  6. How to redirect all traffic to one domain URL via mod_rewrite?
  7. Simple DNS Guide for cPanel Web Hosting Service
  8. How to Protect WordPress Admin Login
  9. How to Install a Node.js Application on cPanel