Email Trace to Check Email Delivery

In cPanel web hosting, there is a feature called Email Trace in section Mail. As an account admin you can login to cPanel or as an email user you can login to webmail interface to use this Email Trace feature to search through mail server logs to see what is happening with your email.

Email Trace

You can see details of each delivery attempt, including whether a message was delivered successfully. You can also see the delivery route for a message from your account’s mail server to a remote address.

Trace an Email for Delivery

To see the delivery status of a particular email:

  1. Enter a recipient email address in the search box.
  2. Click Run Report to show the Delivery Report table and the Email Server Trace diagram.

Email Rejected by RBL

Email Rejected by RBL

These logs are very descriptive and you may not understand them all but if you study them carefully you can see what is happening with each email that is sent to your domain or is being sent from your domain to others.

Email Delivery Report

Email Delivery Report

Email Trace can be very helpful in diagnosing problem with email deliveries. While spammers are trying to take over your mailboxes, we are trying to fight them back and block them from reaching you. In this fight there are times when a restriction on the server to block spammer also catches a legitimate email. This can be a problem with either the sender or recipient email server. We provide this feature to empower you, our valued client, with as much details as possible to resolve such issues.

We hope you have a great emailing experience with us. If you face any problem, please contact us and we are here to help.

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