Manually Setup Email Account on iPhone / iPad in iOS 16

The steps below explain how you can configure and setup email account on iPhone on iOS 16. This tutorial assumes you have already created your email account in cPanel. Start the Settings app in iPhone and tap on Mail:

Settings > Mail

Then tap on Accounts:

Settings > Mail > Accounts

On the next screen tap on Add Account:

Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account

The screen will present you with options to select a type of account. For a cPanel hosted email account, choose Other:

Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account > Other

On this Add Account screen, tap on Add Mail Account:

Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account > Other > Add Mail Account

On the next screen, enter your name the way you want it to appear to others, email and the password you chose when you created the email account in cPanel, and description on how you want to list the account on iPhone:

Here’s an example, and then tap Next:

On the next screen, you have choice to Select IMAP or POP. With IMAP your emails will stay on the server and you can access them from other devices and computers.

Continue with entering INCOMING MAIL SERVER information. This can be found in your cPanel, under Email Accounts List screen by clicking Connect Devices:

The next screen lists the Incoming and Outgoing servers. They are typically the same. You can ignore port information as iPhone can figure that out.

So back to the iPhone, you can add for both INCOMING MAIL SERVER and OUTGOING MAIL SERVER exactly same information:

Host Name: The server name from cPanel screen.
User Name: This is your email address.
Password: This is your email password.

After you have add the above to OUTGOING MAIL SERVER as well, tap Next to move to next screen.

Tap Save to save the email account settings on your iPhone. Once it has verified the settings, it will add the account your iPhone Mail app. Once saved, open the Mail app to start using it.

Now you can send and receive emails from your iPhone. You can use the same exact settings on iPad.

Enjoy your business email account on your iOS devices on the go.