What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting means a service to host your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on a server located in a data center. A data center is a facility where servers are provided power (including backup power), cooling and network connectivity to Internet. Webx houses it servers in Tier III or IV data centers which means we have truly redundant systems. If one component fails, the other one takes over to provide 24 hours uninterrupted service.

Shared Web Hosting

A shared web hosting is a service where one physical server is shared by multiple users. Each user is provided a set amount of disk space to use for their account. This way the price of shared web hosting comes down to a few dollars per month by sharing the physical server which is operating 24 hours a day and is using electricity and high speed Internet connection.

Shared web hosting is ideal for small business and personal websites with a few email accounts for the staff or friends.

Proactive Monitoring

Shared web hosting server is managed by Webx Networks technicians and is monitored 24 hours for any issues. In case a service goes down such as email, website or database, an alert is generated to the staff to follow up immediately and restore the service by tracking the root cause of the issue and fixing it. Webx team pro-actively monitors the servers to deliver quality web hosting service.

Web Hosting Control Panel

Webx utilizes most popular web hosting control panel i.e. cPanel, which has come a long way from a simple website and email control panel to fully manage your web hosting account. You can not only manage your email accounts and website files but also databases, scripts, domains and logs. You do not have to be an IT geek to use the control panel.

Technical Support

All of Webx hosting plans are backed with 24/7 technical support team. When you are faced with any problem with your website, email or anything related to service, our team is available to assist you. The preferred method of contacting technical support team is through our helpdesk which is located in client dashboard. Our technical support team can troubleshoot the issues without having you stay on the line waiting.


Let’s face it all electrical and mechanical systems can fail any time. But when that happens we have got you covered with our daily backups. In our shared web hosting plans we make sure all data on our servers is backed up. However we strongly recommend that you take regular backups of your account. There are never enough backups. Even backups can fail! Our backups are part of our disaster recovery plans. We recommend you should have a similar plan to avoid any data loss.