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WordPress maintenance has become an issue for regular users, especially because of themes and plugins that are developed by hundreds of developers and have not gone through a strict security audit. New security patches are released quite often. This requires regular updates to be applied to the back-end of WordPress. If these updates are not installed, the site can easily get hacked resulting in bad reputation, black listing, loss of integrity, or worse complete data loss.

For a regular user of WordPress, it is not easy to keep track of all the security issues and regular updates. This is where managed WordPress hosting can help. Webx Networks keeps track of all the issues related to WordPress and its plugins and provides a hassle free hosting experience for customers worldwide.

WordPress Managed Hosting Plans

Managed WordPress Professional Business Enterprise
Web Hosting Shared Shared Virtual Private Server
IP Address Shared Dedicated Dedicated
Disk Space 10GB 100GB 200GB
Unlimited Bandwidth Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Emails Yes Yes Yes
WordPress Install Yes Yes Yes
Plugins Integration Yes Yes Yes
Secure Offsite Daily Backup Yes Yes Yes
Login Protection Yes Yes Yes
Optimization/Cache Yes Yes Yes
Security Enhancements Yes Yes Yes
Managed DNS Yes Yes Yes
Malware Scanning Yes Yes Yes
Security Cleanup Yes Yes Yes
Forensic Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Backup Restore Yes Yes Yes
Website Migration Yes Yes Yes
24 Hour Email Support Yes Yes Yes
Phone Support (9am-9pm EST) No No Yes
Content Management $35/Hour Yes Yes
New Plugins Evaluation $35/Hour Yes Yes
Plugins Customization $35/Hour Yes Yes
Dedicated SSL Access $49/Year Yes Yes
Monthly Price $19.95
$199 yearly
$499 yearly
$999 yearly
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We also offer brand new website design, WordPress theme and plugin development. Please contact us to inquire.

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