Server Management

Our team of experienced and qualified system administrators provide complete server management services for our clients.

Free Services

Our VPS and Dedicated Server clients receive following free services as part of their plans:

24/7 Network Monitoring and Availability (Every Minute Checked)
24/7 Hardware Management and Free Replacement
24/7 Technical Support for Server Accessibility
Remote Reboot Access
Free Initial Security Hardening
Free Operating System Reload

Full Server and VPS Management

In addition to the free services, you have the option to utilize our system admins expertise for proactively taking care of server maintenance:

Operating System Maintenance including Upgrades
Migration Assistance from Old Provider
Backups and Disaster Recovery Planning
Data Restoration from Backups
Security and Firewall Configuration and Maintenance
Control Panel (cPanel/Plesk) Maintenance and Support
Anti-Spam Configuration and Maintenance
IP Reputation Monitoring for Emails
Troubleshooting Operating System Issues
Troubleshooting Server Downtime and Load Issues
Troubleshooting Issues with System Services
Forensic Analysis on Hacking/Phishing/Spam Attacks
Malware Scanning
24/7 System Services Monitoring (Every Minute Checked)

These services are available at a fraction of cost of hiring a system admin to manage the server(s) and VPS.