Importing Script Manually from Fantastico to Softaculous in cPanel

Fantastico is a scripts library that automates the installation of web applications to a website. We have been using Fantastico on our cPanel/WHM servers for a number of years but lately the updates have been slow. Many web hosting providers have already switched from Fantastico to Softaculous.

Switching from one software to another is not always easy. It requires careful planning and change management so that end users of the software are not disturbed. We were waiting for Fantastico to update their software but time was slipping. There is news on their website that they are doing it now with new features. They are also offering beta version of latest updates but we have now already switched to Softaculous.

Softaculous has done a good job of providing a smooth transition from other scripts library including Fantastico. Once installed, server administrator can login to WHM and click Import link to transfer the installation data of scripts. This enables the customers to maintain their scripts and web applications, which they installed using Fantastico, from the clean Softaculous interface in cPanel.

Import Script in Softaculous

Import Script in Softaculous

Having said that some scripts may not get imported from admin interface and may need to be done manually in cPanel. It is a three step process.

1. Search the script name (e.g. WordPress) or click on the name in scripts list
2. When on the script page (within Softaculous) click Import in the top right
3. Provide the script location (if it is installed in root folder of the website, leave the “In Directory” empty) and click Import button.

Final Step in Importing Script

Final Step in Importing Script

Now you’ll have the script in your Softaculous list. If you click All Installation icon (Brown Box on top menu), it will show you the script just impoted. Enjoy!

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